Succulent Planters

Cassey Faller

Looking for a planter that you can easily maintain both outdoors and in?  Succulents, when placed in the right amount of sunlight, are quite simple to grow.  They don't need much watering, so for those of us who tend to forget about watering our planters from time to time, they would make the perfect addition.  

There are various colors, sizes, shapes, and even growth habits when it comes to succulents; this makes creating your planter fun.  Just remember these three simple guidelines: thriller, filler, and spiller.  Thriller stands for height or something that really gives that "wow" factor, a plant that really fills out the space nicely is your filler, finally, your spiller is the plant that creeps out of the side.  Making sure you put the right colors together is also something to keep in mind.  You don't want all of your plants looking exactly the same;  put in a green with a blue and a yellow (the mixing of colors will not only liven your planter up, but help all the plants stand out).

Succulents can be planted in almost anything, from bird bath or old water cans, to high heels or pieces of drift wood. You get to be as creative as you want.  Adding accents to your planters are another thing you can do.  Accents can be as simple as sand and gravel, or they can be as detailed as chosing the perfect rocks.  You can even stick in your favorite figurines!

When creating your succulent planter, you become your own version of a little Bob Ross.  At first, if may seem like your happy little succulent planter isn't quite coming together, but as you keep working at it, I think you'll be very pleased with what your end product becomes.

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