Landscape Design

Tena Ehlers

Landscapes, just like houses, sometimes need makeovers but one can often be stumped about how and where to begin. Evaluating what you have, deciding what you want, and putting together a plan of action can be an overwhelming process to do alone. Our designers can guide you through the process. We will offer strategies and advice on things like: how to start, what questions to ask, setting goals, making priorities and a budget, and evaluating what you have in order to actualize your vision.  

A photo can speak volumes. Approach your home as a guest. What do you see first? Better yet, ask a friend to snap some images of what they see when they come up your drive or walk to your entrance. Curb appeal from a landscape perspective is the number one item our clients ask us to update. Bring your photos to our designers for your initial consultation.

'I want to relax when I go out to sit on my deck/patio, and all I see is WORK!' We hear this comment so often. Let us show you how to give your outdoor space a defined room feeling, or even a position of viewing to frame that vista. Whether it is a field of pristine corn behind your home, or a vignette of a butterfly garden along the back-fence line. Let us help you design and create a space for relaxing with a cup of coffee or having a barbeque with friends.

For details about our services check out our Landscaping Services page, or just simply give us a call.  

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