Tena Ehlers

The calendar is showing us that spring is around the corner.  A landscape asleep, waiting for the warming of soil to liven up the roots on the trees and shrubs, push the bulbs through the mulch and give the crowns of new perennial plants a reason to green up. Every gardener is chomping at the bit to prune.

February, March and April is when we try to prune. Clear away last year's perennial display that has been an extra layer of insulation for that plant. Check out your shrubs, see if it's time for a rejuvenating cut. Prune out inward growing limbs on shade and fruit trees. Check the young spruce for a developing double leader. Lots of things to address before the ground thaws enough for us to plant.

Have any questions? Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating. Browse through our pruning photo gallery for before and after images of properly cut limbs. As always, don't hesitate to call. We are here to help.

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