Fall lawn care

Logan Faller

With the weather turning and the leaves soon to follow, you know it's time to be doing some much needed lawn care. 

Contrary to popular belief, fall is arguably the most important time to be doing your lawn fertilization. This food gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to get through winter and energy to start spring with a BANG!

As well as fertilizer, certain chemicals should be applied to prevent "unwanted guests" (weeds) in your lawn. Thats not to say that you shouldn't do applications the rest of the year, but some weeds are at there most vulnerable in fall. For example: Broad leaf chemicals (weed zone) could be applied around September or October to control clover, dandelions, plantain, knotweed, and much more.

Not sure what product is right for you? Give us a call or stop in, we'd love to help.

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