Todd Faller

Todd Faller


Below is an excerpt from our "Behind the Leaf" publication.  Enjoy getting to know Todd a little bit more.

More About Todd

Joined the team:  started the business in December 1989

On the Job (what you do daily and/or weekly):  Oversee, and take part in day to day operations including plant production, retail, office work, landscape installation, and store maintenance.

Favorite plant and why: Fringed Sage, a Nebraska native, which reminds me of camping in western Nebraska with its sweet sagebrush scent.

Where did you get your green thumb: I grew up in the industry with my dad managing the Earl May in Columbus, Nebraska.

Hobbies: camping and fishing

Favorite food: nachos, bbq ribs, boston cream cake, pie (almost any kind)

Favorite TV Show: Present Day - Last Man Standing.  In the Past - The Carol Burnett Show

Most important part of the landscape: The process and then the finished product.

Most rewarding part of your job: Working with nature and having that sense of accomplishment.

Gardening tool you can’t live without:  That’s easy -- my pruner.  I’ve almost put it on when I go to church on Sunday because I am so used to wearing it.

Favorite thing to do outside of work: Walk out in my pasture and enjoy nature.

Best part of 2017: Great weather for the most part, survived another year, time with family and a job I enjoy.

Biggest goal for 2018: Survive another year, enjoy family and work. Oh, and GO HUSKER FOOTBALL!

Favorite childhood memory: Vacations and playing with my neighborhood friends, usually on our Schwinn bicycles.

Favorite snack: Potato chips and popcorn….sorry

One thing you can’t live without: Water, food and shelter, but besides that hamburger and pies.

Favorite thing to do at work: Grow plants, trees in particular, and feeling that sense of accomplishment

If you were a tree, what would you be and why: An evergreen, most likely a fir, because I would be about my duties year round…..and smell good.

What makes you laugh? Many things, but especially my grandchildren.

Hidden talent: Hearing everything my wife tells me the first time…..very hidden.

Favorite quote: “Work each day as if working for the Lord.” - Colossians 3:23


Todd's Educational Background

NCN - Nebraska Certified Nurseryman