Logan Faller

Logan Faller

Landscape Installation

Below is an excerpt from our "Behind the Leaf" publication.  Enjoy getting to know Logan a little bit more.

More About Logan

Joined the team:  The day I was born, December 20, 1992

On the Job (what you do daily and/or weekly): Reaching things in high places.  Spring through fall I am on the landscape crew pruning, mulching, planting, and problem solving.  In the winter we catch up on some way overdue maintenance of equipment and vehicles.

Favorite plant and why:  Bleeding Heart.  A plant that stays true to its name with its heart shaped blood drop blooms.  From personal experience, it can be a very tough plant, being hailed out every other year and still come back.

Where did you get your green thumb:  Comes with the name

Hobbies: Playing sports, watching sports, video games, and going out with friends.

Favorite food: Pizza, hands down.

Favorite TV Show:  Last Man Standing and Letterkenny

Most important part of the landscape:  Accents and focal points.

Most rewarding part of your job:  Leaving a place knowing you’ve changed someone’s house for the better and seeing their joy and appreciation.

Gardening tool you can’t live without:  My lunch box.

Favorite thing to do outside of work:  Eat and spend time with friends and family.

Favorite childhood memory: Family vacation to Wisconsin and house on the rock

Favorite snack: All of them.

One thing you can’t live without: My wife.

Favorite thing to do at work: Drive the Can Am around.

If you were a tree, what would you be and why: Green Mountain Sugar Maple because they are tall and sweet.

What makes you laugh? Every episode of “How I Met Your Mother”

Hidden talent: Doing the worm.

Favorite quote: "Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty" - Psalm 91:1


Logan's Educational Background

Associate's Degree in Horticulture from Northeast Community College - Norfolk, NE

NCN - Nebraska Certified Nurseryman