Dawson Sandall

Dawson Sandall


Below is an excerpt from our "Behind the Leaf" publication.  Enjoy getting to know Dawson a little bit more.


Joined the team:  April 2016

On the Job (what you do daily and/or weekly): Production

Favorite plant and why:  Douglas Fir - nice shape and color

Where did you get your green thumb:  Grandparents

Hobbies: Sports

Favorite food: Burrito Colorado from La Cocina

Favorite TV Show: The office 

Most important part of the landscape:  All of it

Most rewarding part of your job: Seeing the plants change as they grow

Gardening tool you can’t live without:  Pruner

Favorite thing to do outside of work:  Hang with friends and watch/play sports

Best part of 2020: All of the people getting into gardening and landscaping

Biggest goal for 2021: Buy a house

Favorite childhood memory: Messing around in the background

Favorite snack: Chips and salsa

One thing you can’t live without: Hats

Favorite thing to do at work: Shift up evergreens

If you were a tree, what would you be and why: A Sycamore, becuase they are nice and strong.

What makes you laugh? A good joke

Hidden talent: Dont have one

Favorite quote: “I'm not supersticious, but I am a little sticious" - Michael Scott