Cassey Faller

Cassey Faller

Nursery/Greenhouse Production

Below is an excerpt from our "Behind the Leaf" publication.  Enjoy getting to know Cassey a little bit more.

More About Cassey

Joined the team: January 2017

On the Job: Sales and production

Favorite plant and why: Paper Birch because it is something I remember from my childhood. I love the look it gives to a landscape, especially when clumped together.

Where did you get your green thumb: My dad and grandparents.

Hobbies: I really enjoy working out.

Favorite food: Avocadoes with chicken and rice

Favorite TV Show: Designated Survivor

Most important part of the landscape: The mulching. It gives it a finished look and the protection the plants need.

Most rewarding part of your job: Working outdoors

Gardening tool you can’t live without: Pruners

Favorite thing to do outside of work: Working out, spending time with family & friends, and of course keeping busy with my son.

Best part of 2017: Besides starting back at Faller Landscape, the best part was getting my son potty trained!

Biggest goal for 2018: running a half marathon and finishing it.

Favorite childhood memory: Spending the night at my grandparents’ house. They always had the best cooking! We had a lot of places to explore and trees to play and hide in since they lived in the country.

Favorite snack: Peanut butter mixed with honey and butterscotch chips (Don't knock it until you try it!)

One thing you can’t live without: Besides family of course, music.

Favorite thing to do at work: I really enjoy mulching.

If you were a tree, what would you be and why: A Canaan Fir...Besides it's beauty and the mountainesque look it gives the landscape, it is hardier and tougher when in a grouping; aren't we all stronger when we come together :)

What makes you laugh? My dad’s corny sense of humor, that I inherited. And a great pun!

Hidden talent: It’s so hidden, that I haven’t even found it yet.

Favorite quote: “Your only limit is you. Be brave and fearless.” -Unknown