New Annuals for 2013!

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Lemon Slice Calibrachoa

Spring has arrived at Faller Landscape. Visit our greenhouses and see the new (along with the tried and true) annual varieties we're carrying this year.  Check out some fun new succulents and planters to be taken home or give as gifts.

Lemon Slice Calibrachoa is a beautiful, bright white and yellow superbells that adds a little cheer to every container.  It's great in baskets and containers and can withstand hot, dry conditions.

Intensia Cabarnet Phlox is a magenta Phlox we have carried for the past few years and we love it.  Well this year we are not only carrying magenta, but we're adding Blueberry and Astoria Peach Phlox.  Annual Phlox are great for containers because of their ability to adapt to hot conditions and can also handle some part shade.  Blueberry offeres an array of blue shades throughout the growing season, while peach is a pretty pastel.

We all love the Petunia.  It seems to always bloom no matter what the conditions and can fill a container or hanging basket beautifully.  This spring we're adding some little cuties called Littletunias!  You'll be able to pick from purple, white, light pink, hot pink, and dark pink.  Littletunia flowers are about the size of a quarter and bloom continuously during the growing season.  

For the Dahlia lovers, we'll be carrying the Dahlianova series, simple to grow, flowers constantly, and are rain and mildew resistant.  We'll have a bright yellow, and dark pink, along with Mystic Dreamer Dahlia, a black leaf, pink blooming selection.

There'll be more new varieties to see this spring and remember check out our NEW and EXCITING SUCCULENTS.