Succulents & Miniature Evergreens

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As many of you know, growing and collecting succulents is a huge trend in the garden world.  We have been on the bandwagon for a few years, but this year we have more succulents than ever before.  Along with succulents you will have to check out our fun line of miniature evergreens.

From the small, stacking leaves of Crassula to the fuzzy, thick leaves of Echeveria; we have over 16 varieties to choose from.  Succulents are a fun, unique group of plants that are easy to grow and they remain vibrant all summer long.  They aren't prickly like cactus and don't require watering every day like annual flowers. 

We have a variety of containers filled with mixed succulents, making great gifts for anyone. From teacups and saucers to sifters and tonka trucks, you'll find a fun item to give as a gift or keep for yourself.  You might even find a pair of high heels while you're here. 

We'll also have a great line of miniature evergreens available.  These little gems can be used in container gardening or be planted in the landscape after they outgrow their pot.  They make great pieces for fairy gardens and miniature railroad landscapes.