Resources and Links

These links and resources provide useful and interesting information.

American Conifer Society

The site contains an outstanding "Conifer Database" that contains descriptions and photos.
Bluebird Nursery

Bluebird Nursery

This is a source of information on 1000's of perennials that will help gardeners decide on plants that are right for their designs. Bluebird Nursey is located in Clarkson, NE and invites all to stop in to visit. They know plants.

Classic Viburnums

The best resource for information on the Viburnum family. Gary and Susan Ladman grow over 200 varieties of this wonderful Genus.

Digger's Hotline

This resource is used to call NE 1 call for locates of public utilities 48 hours before you start digging. It helps prevent costly accidents.

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has caused the destruction of ash trees in Michigan and parts of the surrounding states. This link identifies the beetle and updates its progression across the country.

Iseli Nursery

This is a source we use that provides information on grafted conifers.

Nature's Companion

A guide to plants, people and events in horticulture. Copies of this newspaper are available at participating nurseries and garden centers.

Nebraska Forest Service

Informative pubications including those on Insects of Broadleaf Trees/Evergreens, Diseases of Broadleaf Trees/Evergreens, Abiotic Problems of Trees, Pruning, Windbreak Design, Tree Care and many more.

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum

This site contains information on the Great Plants for the Great Plains program, grants for public landscapes, publications, plant sales of introduced material, upcoming events and much more. It's a wonderful organization to belong to.
Perennial Resource

Perennial Resource

This is a great resource for inspiration and information on perennial gardening. You will find fabulous photos and information on 1,000+ perennials as well as great garden design ideas. Dig in!

Pine Wilt Disease

Pine Wilt is a fatal disease to Scotch Pine if infected by a nematode, that is spread by way of a borer. This site does a wonderful job of explaining what causes the unpreventable death of trees once they are attacked.

ReTree Nebraska

Let your tree(s) be counted toward the goal of 1 million trees to be planted in Nebraska by 2017. Trees can be large balled trees or small seedlings.


The nursery production system designed to create fibrous, non-circling roots, equipping plants for transplanting success.

Virtual Tree Pruning

Virtual Tree Pruning

Click on the "Launch Animation" at the bottom of the screen to practice pruning on the animated shade tree. Great practice.